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Targeted Protein Degradation: Searchlight

Why do people like you and key industry figures become members of TPD Drug Development: Searchlight?

Built by the TPD community for the TPD community, Searchlight is designed to overcome critical challenges and discover solutions through the exchange of experiences and best practice with innovative peers from across the globe. 

Searchlight members believe that true innovation does not happen in isolation, which is why we work as a collective rather than in silo. 

Membership has been built on four core pillars of value: 

  • Meaningful connections 
  • Defining best practice 
  • Better decision making  
  • Time saving 

We have created a infographic to better demonstrate how these four pillars of value deliver real and tangible impact to Searchlight members.

Don't miss your chance to connect with key TPD leaders from the likes of...
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Membership brochure

For more information on what’s included as part of the Targeted Protein Degradation: Searchlight membership, please download the membership brochure. 

Here’s what you’ll learn more about: 

  • The unique mission and purpose of the network 
  • What membership includes 
  • How the quarterly cornerstone meetings work 
  • How bespoke value delivery works 
  • How we deliver demonstrable value to you 
  • Annual member investment 

The feedback from members speaks for itself…

Anja Giese, VP Medicinal Chemistry, Bayer

“Success stories get presented at conferences but comparing notes and experiences around what didn’t work and getting ideas & input around specific questions is where the real value lies. This network offers a rare and vital chance for us to get exactly that insight”

Zhihua Sui, Chief Scientific Officer, Proteovant

“This network is worthwhile because it facilitates community connection and scientific exchange to find answers to the toughest questions together – benefiting our community and our patients.”

Amine Sadok, Director of Head Platform Biology, Monte Rosa

“Usually, we hear about the 1% of things that worked, this network presents the golden opportunity to hear about the 99% of things that didn’t.”

For more reviews about Targeted Protein Degradation: Searchlight membership, head to our testimonials page and hear directly from our members about why they've joined. 

What's included in Searchlight membership?

Membership allows TPD pioneers and innovators to plug into a ready-made network of hand-picked leaders and pioneers to work with in a facilitated, structured but boundaryless way throughout the year.