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Welcome to the Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) Searchlight network, an elite global consortium uniting the most innovative pioneers in TPD drug development. The networks mission is to expedite TPD innovations, ensuring faster delivery and amplified patient value. The TPD Searchlight network is a thriving collaboration platform where insights, experiences, and best practices are shared to expedite discovery and avoid costly mistakes.

Being part of our network provides you with exclusive access to fresh ideas and the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions on pivotal, pre-competitive questions. This access has the potential to influence your TPD decision-making significantly and save millions in development costs. This is your chance to collaborate with industry leaders, harness their expertise, and foster innovation.

Our commitment to fostering a collaborative environment is further demonstrated through our quarterly virtual workshops. These 90-minute virtual gatherings focus on the critical topics identified by our Searchlight members, with each member company represented by a dedicated internal champion, ensuring the generation of practical insights and actionable outputs.

Our members have found immense value in the TPD Searchlight network. In the words of Leah Fung, Chief Science Officer, BioTheryx: “I always come away from a Searchlight meeting with at least one piece of knowledge that will help me support my decision making.” Be a part of this movement that's shaping the future of targeted protein degradation. Join us today!

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Business-defining Dialogues

Quarterly Virtual workshops

We orchestrate meticulously structured, TPD-centric, quarterly gatherings for our member companies.

These high-impact 90-minute virtual meetings held via Zoom serve as a crucible for innovation, with a tightly-focused agenda curated around the most pressing topics and challenges flagged by our Searchlight members.

To guarantee the highest value and maximum impact, each member company is represented by a dedicated internal champion with strategic insight into its protein degradation program. This ensures the generation of practical insights and actionable outputs that members can implement within their respective organizations.

Innovation doesn't happen in isolation

Searchlight makes meaningful progress

BioTheryx - A Targeted Protein Degradation_ Searchlight member

“I always come away from a Searchlight meeting with at least one piece of knowledge that will help me support my decision making.”

“The group is good at sharing information that can be directional, it’s good to know what is working for people and what isn’t

Nurix - A Targeted Protein Degradation_ Searchlight member
“Searchlight allows me to talk to a community of key players and discuss differing opinions.”

The Searchlight platform

Build meaningful relationships and gain value all year around

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Instant messaging

Contact fellow members via the private or group chat features.

Member meetups

Come together with leaders throughout the community at virtual cornerstone meetings and in-person gatherings at Hanson Wade conferences.

On demand

Explore the library of business critical content and videos on demand via the thematic rooms and content channels.

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Membership brochure

For more information on what’s included as part of the Targeted Protein Degradation: Searchlight membership, please download the membership brochure. 

Here’s what you’ll learn more about: 

  • The unique mission and purpose of the network 
  • What membership includes 
  • How the quarterly cornerstone meetings work 
  • How bespoke value delivery works 
  • How we deliver demonstrable value to you 
  • Annual member investment 

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