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– Leah Fung, CSO, BioTheryx

“Every Searchlight meeting gifts me with insights that enrich and fortify my decision-making.”

Leah Fung
Chief Science Officer, BioTheryx

Gwenn Hansen, Chief Scientific Officer, Nurix

“In our quest forward, it's challenging to grasp every lesson. The bond this network offers with our peers may well be the guiding lights for our active thoughts.”

Gwenn Hansen
Chief Scientific Officer, Nurix

Tine Hectors, Associate Director & Group Leade, galapagos

“Hearing from other companies reaffirms that our challenges are shared, reminding us we're not alone on this journey..”

Tine Hectors
Associate Director & Group Leader, Galapagos

Ian Churcher, CSO, Amphista

“In the collective exchange, we discern valuable directions — understanding both the successes and pitfalls others have faced.”

Ian Churcher
Chief Scientific Officer, Amphista

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