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Degradation Success

Our purpose

Our mission is to help Searchlight members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with the most engaged stakeholders in key scientific communities. 



Searchlight gives life science leaders clarify to see where opportunity lies. Helping companies to move forward faster is at the heart of the network. 



We are the custodians of the TPD Drug Development: Searchlight communities on behalf of our members; engaged in the constant pursuit of added value. 



The quality of information is the difference between success and failure. Searchlight is the destination to find the latest information, trends and solutions impacting the TPD industry. 



Building strong relationships creates an environment of trust and support that yields opportunity, progress, partnership and meaning. 

The feedback from members speaks for itself…

Anja Giese, VP Medicinal Chemistry, Bayer

“Success stories get presented at conferences but comparing notes and experiences around what didn’t work and getting ideas & input around specific questions is where the real value lies. This network offers a rare and vital chance for us to get exactly that insight”

Zhihua Sui, Chief Scientific Officer, Proteovant

“This network is worthwhile because it facilitates community connection and scientific exchange to find answers to the toughest questions together – benefiting our community and our patients.”

Amine Sadok, Director of Head Platform Biology, Monte Rosa

“Usually, we hear about the 1% of things that worked, this network presents the golden opportunity to hear about the 99% of things that didn’t.”

For more reviews about Targeted Protein Degradation: Searchlight membership, head to our testimonials page and hear directly from our members about why they've joined. 

Meet our team

Gareth Pearce

Managing Director

Gareth established and is responsible for developing the strategic direction of the Searchlight business within Hanson Wade, ensuring continues to add demonstrable value to every member as it scales. Gareth has successfully built and grown information businesses in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East during a 20 year entrepreneurial career. He holds a first class degree in Politics and earned a postgraduate Certificate in International Business Practice from the Mountbatten Institute in New York.

Searchlight team headshots (3)

Michelle Fanus St. Hill

Portfolio Development Director

Michelle develops and manages Searchlight within Hanson Wade and has a conference research and production career spanning 20+ years – designing and delivering events all over the world. She was a business owner and entrepreneur for 10 years, becoming a published and contributing author during that time and lecturing more than 300 students on Event Management degrees and several of her own private courses.

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Adam Daly

Commercial Lead

As the Searchlight groups seek new members who share the same forward-thinking mindset, Adam is responsible for facilitating new memberships. Adam achieved his undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences at Newcastle University, before he started his journey at Hanson Wade in Delegate Sales. Adam wanted to help grow and expand the Network with members dedicated to helping each other, this is what drew him to work in the Searchlight Team.