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Unraveling Protein Stability: The Essential Role of Post-Translational Modifications

By cayleedonaldson | 6th June 2023

In their recent study, “Control of protein stability by posttranslational modifications“, Ji Min Lee, Henrik M. Hammarén, Mikhail M. Savitski, and Sung Hee Baek explore the role of post-translational modifications (PTMs) in regulating protein stability. Proteins, the molecular engines of our cells, display vast functional and structural diversity. Though the primary sequences of these proteins…Read more

TPD Searchlight Blog | Protein Degraders: A Promising Approach to Cancer Therapy

Protein Degraders: A Promising Approach to Cancer Therapy

By cayleedonaldson | 2nd June 2023

Introduction: In a groundbreaking scientific paper titled “Protein degraders enter the clinic — a new approach to cancer therapy,” researchers Deborah Chirnomas, Keith R. Hornberger, and Craig M. Crews discuss the development and potential of protein degraders as a novel therapeutic modality for treating cancer. This emerging field aims to harness the cell’s natural protein-degradation…Read more

Exploring the Landscape of Molecular Glues: A Promising Frontier in Therapeutics

By cayleedonaldson | 1st June 2023

Introduction Advancements in molecular biology have paved the way for innovative therapeutic approaches, particularly in the field of monovalent degraders and molecular glues. These areas have gained significant attention and investment, offering promising solutions for previously challenging diseases. In this blog, we summarize key insights shared by Rachel East, TPD Research Analyst, and Frank Plowden,…Read more

Paper: Unveiling Molecular Glue-like Degraders: CRISPR Screen Reveals Promising Pathway

By cayleedonaldson | 31st May 2023

Summary of research paper: CRISPR Screen Reveals BRD2/4 Molecular Glue-like Degrader via Recruitment of DCAF16 Study Authors: Andrea G. Shergalis, Violeta L. Marin, David Y. Rhee, Sameera Senaweera, Rebecca L. McCloud, Judith A. Ronau, Charles W. Hutchins, Shaun McLoughlin, Kevin R. Woller, Scott E. Warder, Anil Vasudevan, and Justin M. Reitsma. Molecular glues (MGs) are…Read more

Workshop Summary: Unveiling the Lessons Learned from TPD Degraders

By cayleedonaldson | 31st May 2023

In a recent TPD Searchlight workshop, participants delved into the realm of clinical insights surrounding TPD degraders currently undergoing clinical trials. Through the examination of two case studies, the workshop shed light on key approaches and considerations. It aimed to address critical questions, including the prediction of clinical responses based on pre-clinical data, a comparison…Read more

Unraveling the Power of Molecular Glues | TPD Searchlight Journal Club

By cayleedonaldson | 30th May 2023

The Targeted Protein Degradation Searchlight network’s launches it’s new Journal Club, where the network delve into the latest research and advancements in the field. In this edition, the network will be focusing on the fascinating realm of molecular glues and their role in targeted protein degradation. Our esteemed moderator, William Farnaby from the University of…Read more